Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome to our Crafty Catwalk Challenge

Welcome to our little home on the web.  We are 4 crafty, busy moms across the miles with limited time to create.  What better way to stay connected and push our creative energy than to challenge each other... with a deadline!

So, we hope you will join us on our journey and maybe even submit a challenge.  We have been working on the foundation of this challenge throughout the summer, and while it is being launched at the end of August, please know that any similarity to any other blog or challenge is completely unintended and accidental.  We are inspired by many, but our ideas are not copied, unless proper credit is given, I assure you.

With that, let me welcome you to our Crafty Catwalk.  This is our vision:

The fashion industry offers so many trends that inspire and can be translated into our crafty creations.  We plan to be inspired and inspire others with those sights, textures and trends in our paper crafting world.  We will create designs and hope that you will walk the catwalk with us and perhaps entertain the idea of becoming a top model!

Our challenges will be open during a 2 week fashion show (as busy moms, we felt this would help other busy moms, as well!)   Feel free to incorporate up to 3 other challenges, if you would like.  Link your picture using the linking tool below each challenge. 

Our challenges will likely follow this pattern (but, we reserve the privilege to switch things up in our little world):
  • Fashion Show Challenge - Week 1 & 2:   Dare to Wear these Colors (A color challenge to try.)
  • Fashion Show Challenge - Week 3 & 4:   Shopping Chic (Use those supplies that you purchased - we'll make a suggestion.)
  • Fashion Show Challenge - Week 5 & 6Style a While - (Add something special to the card - it will be a technique for the week.)
  • Fashion Show Challenge - Week 7 & 8:  Impress with Less - (Create a simple look with just simple cards!)

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